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Test Results


Purpose of Tests: Analyze the effects of Physical Water Treatment Systems.

Medium tested:

The media tested were three water samples: Untreated water to be used as the constant, water treated by systems using magnets, and water treated by a system using electronic impulses to treat the water.


Two methods of testing were performed on all three water samples. Test number 1: consisting of boiling water in a cooking vessel and observing any residue left in the vessel. Test number 2: Using various cleaning supplies and observing the differences in the amounts necessary to accomplish the tasks. The miniature Boiler Test: Consisting of a small boiler and one hundred meters of copper pipe.

Test Number 1:

Water from each source was allowed to boil until the water was completely evaporated from the cooking vessel. The untreated water showed heavy mineral deposits that had adhered to the inner surfaces of the cooking pots.Water treated with the Magnetic System showed minimal deposits adhering to the inner surface of the cooking pots. Water treated with the Water Master 2000 showed no deposits had adhered to the inner walls of the cooking pots. While there was some deposits inside the cooking pots they were easily removed with just a soft cloth. The deposits that were found had not adhered to the inner surfaces of cooking pots.


The Water Master 2000 had eliminated the adhesive properties of the Calcium and Magnesium.

Test Number 2:

Water form each source was used in conjunction with various cleaning products to remove normal oils, and dirt.The water treated by the Magnetic System showed a slight reduction of the cleaning products required as compared to the untreated water.The Water Master 2000 showed a significant reduction in the amount of cleaning products required as compared to the untreated water.


The Water Master 2000 affected a chemical change in the water by separating the Calcium Bicarbonate into Calcium Carbonate and Carbon Dioxide. This separation allowed the water to more completely combine with the cleaning compounds without the interference of Calcium Bicarbonate.

Miniature Boiler Test:

Water from all three sources was first allowed to flow through a one hundred meter length of pipe. The untreated water showed significant mineral deposits within the copper pipe. Water processed by the magnetic systems showed no deposits under higher flow rates and only slight deposits under lower flow rates. The Water Master 2000 showed no deposits under either the higher or lower flow rates. Both the untreated water and water treated by the magnetic system showed a slight increase in deposits at the end of the copper pipe as compared to the deposit levels at the front of the pipe. After the water was heated by the boiler system both the untreated water and the water treated by the magnetic systems showed an increase in the level of mineral deposits. The water treated by the Water Master 2000 showed no such increase.


The Water Master 2000, by the use of high frequency electronic impulses breaks down the Calcium Bicarbonate into the stable compounds of Calcium Carbonate and Carbon Dioxide. This is an actual chemical change and therefore of a more permanent nature. The magnetic systems resulted in a change in the polarity of the water molecule and this change was limited to specific circumstances. This change is of a more temporary nature and tends to revert under the influence of heat, time or distance.

This document translated by  Sven Mierswa