Smart Water treatment systems - Tucson, Arizona
Smartwater - residential and commercial water treatment systems in Tucson

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The Final Analysis

Smart Water Treatment Systems provides the consumer with a state-of-the-art water treatment alternative. The system components are NSF approved and Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) friendly due to the lack of sodium or potassium chloride (SALT) use. Remember: NO BRINE DISCHARGE!

Smart Water Treatment Systems utilizes the H2O Concepts line of products. The German designed, engineered and manufactured impulse technology provides for a long-lasting, maintenance-free, scale breaking system. The design and construction of the materials used in our system allows for virtually no parts replacements. The systems is covered by a 100% repair or replace warranty as long as the unit is owned by the original purchaser and the warranty is kept current.

The filtration system is covered by a ten year no nonsense, non-prorated warranty. If the filtration system fails to remove chlorine and/or other contaminants during the ten-year warranty period it will be replaced free of charge.

And the best feature of our system: Clean, clear, great tasting, odor-free water will be available to you from every faucet in your house! That is the Smart Water advantage.

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