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The residential water industry has a decades long history of helping homeowners with water problems. Many of the systems available today are the result of the industry’s never ending effort to continually improve and advance technology. There are a variety of systems available on the market today. This variety can often become confusing to customers. If every dealer says their system is the best, how do you, the customer, know what to believe?

At Smart Water Treatment Systems we have always believed that educating our customers is our first priority. We feel that if we do our job right, customers can easily determine why our systems are second to none when it comes to quality components and manufacturing, technological superiority, affordability, usability, and ownership.

We never resort to high-pressure sales. We don’t offer free steak knives, cases of orange juice, an endless supply of soap or any other gimmicks. We don’t try to distract your attention away from the products we sell; we try to keep you focused on them. Why is Smart Water different? That’s easy… we want you to know the facts about not only our systems but the facts about other systems as well. It’s all about knowledge… That’s how you determine which system best meets your needs.

Attention Home Owners and New Home Buyers!

Smart Water Treatment Systems can be installed in almost any home. Our systems install at the water main shut off on the house. They can be installed indoors or outside. If you’re building a home and want the unit in a specific location have your builder plumb a service loop right where you want the unit! No soft water loop is required with a Smart Water System!

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